The Ultimate Dopp Kit, Part II

Posted By Chiefs Rocks in News on Oct 24, 2011

Klhip A big shout-out to our friends over at Big Ups for pointing us in the direction of a great product called Klhip. Made in the USA from stainless steal, this set of clippers is meant to handle even the nastiest bro’s finger nails. (Yes, the CHIEF is talking to you, Shridar Chillal.)  One of the key features to this tool is it’s forward facing lever, which allows pressure to be applied directly over the nail.  Plus, what other pair of clippers do you know that has a lifetime warranty? Sheets The CHIEF is definitely taking a SHEET.  He took...

UppGrader Defines Grooming

Posted By The Chief in News on Oct 18, 2011

The following post is a guest post from our friends at Uppgrader When you think of grooming, do images of excessively shaved models with gaunt jaw lines and eight gallons of hair product come to mind? Well get that garbage out of your head. A guy doesn't have to spend half his morning in front of a mirror to look good- he just needs a few quick and simple items. With the help of our buddies over at CHIEFS™, we've put together a few of our favorite grooming necessities. Facewash Chiefs Energizing Face Wash [$16.99] Let's start with the basics:...

5 Killer Grooming Articles For Men

Posted By The Chief in News on Oct 06, 2011

For those of us living in the northern hemisphere (especially in the hotter states) many of us welcome autumn with arms wide open.  However with weather changing as we speak, it’s important The Chief keeps you aligned with the latest Grooming Intel.  That’s why this week we profiled 5 Kick Ass Grooming Articles for you to read from sites like the NY Times, The Art of Manlniess, and The Grooming Lounge.   If you fellas loved our Ultimate Dopp Kit post, then you’ll rave about this one. How To Smell Like A Barbershop We know there’s something special – even magical...

The Ultimate Dopp Kit

Posted By The Chief in News on Sep 11, 2011

We aren’t going to beat around the bush. We get it – some people have compared the Dopp kit to the likes of a purse, others – such as the men at Chiefs – understand that the average man knows how to practice a little more restraint. What do we mean by that? Well, first of all, have you ever seen the inside of a woman’s purse? It’s indescribable. If you feel this way about your Dopp kit, then you better pay even closer attention. Fortunately, we here at Chiefs understand that not every man is the average man. And for that...

What Makes Our Face Wash The Best Face Wash For Men

Posted By The Chief in News on Jul 20, 2011

A man looking for his first face wash, or seeking an upgrade from his current facial product, will inevitably encounter many options. The search can be confusing and overwhelming as he is confronted with a vast array of exfoliates, foaming cleansers and a litany of other offers. The ingredients we use distinguish our product from the rest of the pack. We have taken special care to integrate a healthy combination of natural elements that will provide you with a refreshed and refined feeling for the day. These ingredients are listed below: Menthol is an organic compound obtained from essential oils...

8 Killer Stores Every Man Should Know

Posted By The Chief in News on Jul 07, 2011

To say this store is awesome, is an understatement.  Let’s face it, we all hate to shop for underwear, socks, and other necessities. But Manpacks has us all covered. Manpacks is a dead simple way to auto deliver underwear, socks, and other toiletries that us men seem to always forget about. Best of yet, Manpacks bills on a monthly subscription based model that can be canceled at anytime. That’s right men, we are bullish on the Mohawk. Not only does their iconic name correlate with our brand, but they also sell really badass clothing.  Every man needs a quality pair of Levi...

We Are Live On Facebook

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