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8 Killer Stores Every Man Should Know

July 07, 2011 2 min read 1 Comment

To say this store is awesome, is an understatement.  Let’s face it, we all hate to shop for underwear, socks, and other necessities. But Manpacks has us all covered. Manpacks is a dead simple way to auto deliver underwear, socks, and other toiletries that us men seem to always forget about. Best of yet, Manpacks bills on a monthly subscription based model that can be canceled at anytime.

That’s right men, we are bullish on the Mohawk. Not only does their iconic name correlate with our brand, but they also sell really badass clothing.  Every man needs a quality pair of Levi 501’s, the latest Woolrich attire, or a killer Gitman brothers shirt. Mohawk simply has you covered.  For any you Chiefs located out in LA, you can just check them out in the Silver Lake area.


These guys simply crush it.  Bonobos started out to solve a “simple problem: men's pants just don’t fit well.”  They have gone on to now create corduroys, chinos, dress khakis, and even 100% wool Italian style dress pants.  Bonobos also stocks bags, scarves, wallets, eye wear, shoes and socks.  So next time you want to kill it at Brooks Brothers, why don’t you take a different path and check out Bonobos first.

This Vancouver based store might be the most informed mens skincare store on the planet. If you don't believe us, check out there you tube channel.  These bros have you covered on all grooming fronts: from shaving gels to toothpaste.  MASC can even hook you up with a few supplements as well.  

For any of you men on the west coast you might want to check out LA based The Motley.  Not only do they carry the best grooming products, but they also partner with companies that make highest quality products that are preferably orgined from natural ingrediants.  And trust us, if your looking for a supportive sales force that prides themselves on customer service - then the Motley will not let you down.  Check them out today, chief.  

If you have not checked out this hardgood store, we suggest you head that way right now.  Stocking mostly accessories like socks and ties to the truly rare Chowards Gum and Leatherhead “Hickoree League” Lemon ball, Hickoree's seems to do a good job offering a diverse and eclectic array of merchandise.

1 Response

The Motley
The Motley

September 18, 2011

Thanks for including us in your favorite stores. We’d love to try Chief’s at some point. Looks fantastic!


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