About Us 2.0

About Our Company

We’re committed to bringing innovative, natural male grooming products to men that are looking for something a little different. Our customers love our products, here’s what a few have said:

  • Chiefs energizing face “wakes my a** up”
  • Your Lime Wash makes makes me feel like “Ernest Hemingway in Key West”
  • I cheated on @ChiefsForMen one morning.  Then I felt disgusted with myself and saw I already had the best
  • Chiefs energizing face wash is like “project kickstarter for my face”

Where Else Can I Find Chiefs?

We’ve been featured in many leading sites online and have worked with many outstanding stores and partners:

  • Check us out in Time Magazine
  • We’ve been featured on Uncrate not once, but twice
  • You can find Chiefs at some of the fastest growing and most progressive start-ups in the men’s lifestyle industry, such as Manpacks & Huckberry
  • We also work with some of the juggernauts in the men’s grooming industry like The Grooming Lounge & The Motley
  • Want to find our products in retail stores?  We’re also distributed nation-wide in West Elm


Our products are made and tested on men
Unlike other brands, we make products just for men and only test them on men. We are committed to delivering a genuine, uncompromising product to our customers, and although we have received many requests to launch products for women, we feel this wouldn't be true to who we are and what our products do. 



Our customers come first

Focusing on our customers is our highest priority; without them, nothing else can follow.  We listened closely to our customers’ suggestions over the past few years, and now we offer free shipping options worldwide and have one of the best return policies in the business.




Our products are nature-derived
Most brands will have "naturally scented" products that are often composed of ingredients with lengthy, unpronounceable names. We are committed to making simple, nature-derived products with ingredients that are made from real plants such as ginseng, peppermint, and pine, leaving you smelling great and ready to face the day. Our products aren’t loaded with fake synthetic scents and cheap dyes that smell like the laboratory they came from.