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A Natural Face Wash For Men That Wakes You Up Instantly... Even If You’re Not A Morning Person

"But my skin is sensitive and face wash sometimes dries out my skin, causing it to become flaky and breakout with pimples”

Meet Chiefs Energizing Face Wash.  Stop Waking Up Burnt Out, Wake Up Everyday And Anyday Prepared.

  • Snap you out of your morning haze
  • Open up your pores, smooth out your skin, and eliminate blackheads & pimples
  • Remove excess oil without stripping away your skin
“It’s Like Project Kickstarter, But For My Face”

Is Chiefs Energizing Face Wash For Me?

  • Are you looking to wake up quicker so you can free up more time in the morning?
  • Are you looking for a product that actually improves your skin, instead of drying it out and causing you to breakout?
  • Do you want to use a product that smells so masculine that your girlfriend, wife, or that cute girl in the elevator will love it?
  • Could you use a face wash post-workout that helps reinvigorate you?
  • Are you looking for a new product to introduce into your daily routine that is not laced with a bunch of chemicals?
  • Do you need a face wash that lathers nice, but is not a complete pain to wash off your face?
  • Are you tired of products that are ineffective, liquidy,  and feel like slimey goo’s that just run off your face?

What’s In Chiefs Face Wash?

Ginseng - Is a well known natural Oriental herb that is used to boost energy, vitality, performance, and help improve circulation. 

Menthol & Peppermint Oil - Are masculine scents that are commonly used to revive, energize, and invigorate your skin.  We’ve put the perfect amount in Chiefs, stong enough to wake you up enough so that your skin will not dry out after using.  

Eucalyptus - Acts as a natural antiseptic that will help destroy bacteria and other harmful material that cause blackheads and pimples.  Eucalyptus also has a strong minty and pine scent that will help open up your pores.

Rosemary - Is another woody, piney, and minty herb that provkes a masculine aroma that can help invigorate your skin.  Rosemary also helps improve circulation and can be used to help heal and revive wounds.

Aloe - has long been used as an anti-irritant solution to help soothe and moisturize your skin.  “Aloe vera”, as it’s sometimes called otherwise, can also heal deduce tissue damage and prevent mysterious breakouts. 

You’ll Also Get Our Smartphone Alarm Clock For FREE

  • Are you looking for an alarm clock that is simple to setup and use?
  • Do you need an alarm clock that will get you out of bed without fail anyday and everyday?
  • Are you tired of waking up to a “buzz” and want to use your own custom MP3?
  • Tired of complex alarm clocks that are full of bugs and glitches?
The Chiefs alarm clock saved me my job!

How It Works

  1. Download our alarm clock app from the store
  2. Set the time and music you want to use to wake up in the morning 
  3. Put Chiefs Energizing Wash somewhere away from your bed (hopefully your bathroom)
  4. Scan the barcode on the back of chiefs to turn off the alarm clock
  5. Use Chiefs to wake up in the morning

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Chiefs over some of the other face washes for men?
Chiefs is designed to wake you up, but not cause you to break out – period. If you’re looking for a product to cure acne there’s probably some better products out there.

Is Chief's Energizing Face Wash tested on animals?
No, we’ve not tested our product on any animals.

What does Chief's Energizing Face Wash smell like?
With our invigorating mix of peppermint, menthol, rosemary, and eucalyptus Chiefs has a strong but not overbearing smell that is perfectly designed to help wake men up.

How do you use Chief's Energizing Face Wash?
Chiefs works best in the morning, in conjunction with our alarm clock. It also works great in the shower.  Simply splash your face with warm water and then squeeze a nickel size of Chief's Energizing Face Wash onto your palm. Rub Chiefs generously around your face and then rinse off with water.

When will you be coming out with an iPhone alarm clock app?
We’re extremely close to launching the next iteration of our alarm clock, which will include a version for iPhone.  You can check a out a sneak peak here.

What is your return policy?
We do not have any “policies” and will never ask you to return anything.  If you’re not 110% satisfied with Chiefs Energizing Face Wash, we’ll refund all 100% of your money with no questions ask.

Where do we ship?
Short answer, everywhere. We also ship to anywhere in the United States 100% FREE.  All international orders over 4lbs (about 10 bottles) will be charged a $4.99 postage fee. 

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