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Where do we ship?

Everywhere! For a limited time only, The CHIEF has options to receive FREE SHIPPING in over 190 different countries. To learn more information, please visit our Free Shipping page

What is your return policy?

The CHIEF  hates “policies”, he lives by his own rules.  He does not like having to “re-pack” things or go to the UPS store, so why should you?  But... if you're not satisfied with Chiefs Energizing Face Wash within 60 days of purchase, we'll refund you the entire amount AND you get to keep the face wash, no questions asked. You can learn more about our guarantee by visiting our 60 Day Refund Policy Page 

Is Chief's Energizing Face Wash tested on animals?

Why would the Chief need to test on anything other than himself? He is the ultimate decision maker.

What does Chief's Energizing Face Wash smell like?

Strong - but not as strong as the Chief. With a helpful dose of Menthol and Peppermint oil, we were sure to pack a punch in our product. But also added are manly elements such as Rosemary oil, that provides a nice woody undertone.

How do you use Chief's Energizing Face Wash?

Chief's works best in the morning or in the shower. Splash your face with warm water and then squeeze a nickel size of Chief's Energizing Face Wash on to your palm. Rub product generously around your face and then rinse off with water.

How can I get Chief's in my store?

We're always looking for new stores to carry Chiefs. If interested, please reach out to info@chiefsformen.com.

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