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Shipping Policy


All of our products ship out of the United States from either our Seattle, Washington fulfillment center. For orders over $35 there's free shipping, and for orders under $35 it's $4.95 for USPS Priority Mail shipping, and will go out by 3 pm MT, or the next business day. The expected time is 2-5 business days.
For international orders, we charge $14.95 flat rate for shipping.                                                                         

Frequently Asked Questions

I live in a country outside of the United States; I want to purchase Chiefs Energizing Face Wash, but want to only purchase 1 bottle.  How much will that cost?

We're hoping to one day offer free shipping to international customers who want order just 1 unit, but as of now it's just too expensive for us.   On all international orders ordering 1 unit, a flat rate of $14.95 US dollars is added to the order.

My billing address is inside the United States, but my shipping address is outside of the United States.  Can I still get free shipping on 1 unit?

Unfortunately, only customers whose shipping address is within the continental United States qualify for free shipping.
I live in Guam, a USA province, do I still receive free shipping on 1 unit orders?

Yes - all customers in Guam or Puerto Rico still receive free shipping. 
Are you still here? If you have any further questions regarding shipping, please email them to info@chiefsformen.com or give us a call at 972-853-1477.

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