Origin Story

Chiefs for Men was founded by Will Evans in 2012.

Will and I met a year later in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Most likely it was at the corner of 18a Nguyen Thi Minh Kai, a spot more commonly known as Juicy Smoothie. 

We crewed up in Saigon.

Motorbiked, yoga'd, shows, butter coffee for breakfast, pho for lunch, fifty cent Tiger beers on the streets, and night clubs loud enough to make you go deaf.

All of us were there under the guise of building these businesses and setting out to conquer the world. 
You know we were young, exploring, learning what it means to live in a country foreign from our own.
Some people find that meaning early and never look again. 
Not us. Not ever. 
Chiefs for Men carries that eternal tick-tick-tick in our DNA, that tells us we need to be moving, learning and doing. 
And we act with the highest level of respect from earth, to craft, to body, back to earth again.
We're honored to take over the journey from here and promise not to let you down.
- Ben