We’re Chiefs. Join our tribe.

Chiefs is a premium men's grooming brand committed to making innovative products with safe ingredients. Our products are designed to give our customers results and help them feel more confident in their own body.

Why Should I Shop With Chiefs?

  1. Innovative Solutions Focused Products - All of our products are solution focused with innovative formulations. We use science in combination with nature to help solve our customer's problems.
  2. Transparent Ingredients - We’re 100% transparent in our products. We use natural ingredients and often take the time to reveal to our customers exactly how they’re made.
  3. Free Shipping - All of our orders ship for free to all US states. You will also be emailed a tracking number once the order ships, keeping you in the loop with your order. If you wish to shop overseas we offer a flat rate shipping of $9.95.
  4. Incredible Guarantee & Service— Incredible customer service is something we’re passionate about and looking to improve on at all times. We’ve also been known at times to just simply refund customers on the spot if they’re not happy, even if it's years after their purchase.

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