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The Ultimate Dopp Kit

September 11, 2011 7 min read

We aren’t going to beat around the bush. We get it – some people have compared the Dopp kit to the likes of a purse, others – such as the men at Chiefs – understand that the average man knows how to practice a little more restraint. What do we mean by that? Well, first of all, have you ever seen the inside of a woman’s purse? It’s indescribable. If you feel this way about your Dopp kit, then you better pay even closer attention.

Fortunately, we here at Chiefs understand that not every man is the average man. And for that reason we feel compelled to provide the above average man with a few tips for creating something above and beyond the average Dopp kit.

So without further adieu...


The most essential piece of any dopp kit is the bag. If you’re still storing your toiletries in a plastic freezer bag like you’re a 10 year old at summer camp, Charles Doppet, the man who invented the first Dopp kit, would be embarrassed to share a drink with you. Generally speaking we recommend that you stray away from plastics and other synthetic materials. Rather, focus on a solid sturdy bag to store the goods.  We love the original Floto Olive Brown Travel Dob for it’s luxurious leather, spacious interior, cotton inside lining, and massive space.

Other Recommendations:


Alright, as I said... we are not going to waste your time by comparing toothbrushes. so iif you’re going on a short trip, then try and just leave your fancy electric toothbrush at home and get something that’s easy and effective to travel with. If there is one that truly gets the job done we prefer the Osho Travel Tooth Brush, but we also recommend some of other killer brushes below:

Other Recommendations:


Long gone are the days of going to your local retailer and buying some run-of-the-mill product bundled with some strange concoction of fragrances and ingredients that don't get the job done. Instead, we recommend Malin + Goetz  Eucalyptus Deoderant. Eucalyputs, which is a key ingredient in Chief’s Energizing Face Wash, is an organic anti-septic and anti-inflamatory.  Plus it is only 2.8 oz, a perfect fit for your bag.  

Other Recommendations:

Shaving Cream

Derek Jeter, Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Ray Rice, and Kyle Busch. What do all these men have in common? They don’t know squat about what’s good for your face (no hard feelings guys).  Stop buying the crap at your big box retailers – they don’t know the good stuff.

On the other hand, we really enjoy Cremo Cream and recommend using it in the shower. A little bit of this parban free shaving cream goes a long way (typically lasting over 90 days). We  also love it for it’s highly lubricating, glycerin free, rich cream that allows for a slick and virtually bump-free shave that will leave your face feeling smooth and moisturized. Best of all: Cream o Cream wont break the bank. Available for under $8, this shaving cream is a go-to product for a great shave at an affordable price.

Other Recommendations:

Aftershave or Lotion

What do you prefer: aftershave or lotion?  Or both? Tough call.   At Chief’s we like to keep it simple, and that usually means less steps. So for our travel needs we like a good all around facial moisturizer. As far as a good all around lotion for guys, we recommend Kiehls Soothing Nourishing Face Cream For Men. This ultra-light weight, fragrance free, lotion is perfect after a shave or for dry skin later in the afternoon. A bit pricey, but at 4 oz it will stay in your bag for months.

Other Recommendations:


For those of you trying to maintain a clean shave, a durable and functional razor is an imperative tool in your kit. So stop using the disposables you buy in the airport, and start shaving in style. There are a ton of options, but we recommend the Art of Shaving Engraved 3 Blade Razor.

This classic, nickel plated, razor ensures the perfect balance during your shaving routine.  Plus it can be used with both Fusion or MACH3 blades from Gillette.  We know it’s a big investment, but this is a classic razor that could last you a lifetime.

Other Recommendations:


Every non-bald-bro needs a good brush, right? Yeah, that’s right. I mean, you can’t crush it if your hair is completely flat. So be a real Chief and make sure you get your head around an awesome brush, bra. Sure, you can easily say “why would i spend $100 on a brush?” but then that would beg the question, “have you checked out the Kent Hair Brush?” If you have hair, then treat it right. This is a luxury that will make all the difference and will last you for life. Plus, it looks pretty damn classy.


Pardon our French, but listen up bros – we really hope you aren't still wearing some weak-ass-faux-polo. Seriously, get yourself a power shirt.  And to be honest we really don’t care whether it is facconable, brooks brothers, or some other brand. The bottom line is that you need some kick-ass powerstays. We recommend Wurkin Stiffs Powersatys.  And if you want to keep it casual, then check out their Polo Stays.

Lint Roller

If you have learned anything from Chief’s then you have already considered getting yourself a quality shampoo, so that you don’t need a lint roller to pull of something as unsightly as dandruff flakes from your attire. But still, even if it isn’t snow season year round on your shoulders, you really should invest in a solid lent roller. Yeah, we understand that for many people a lint roller isn’t the first thing you think to pack in your kit; however, we here at Chief’s definitely recommend one. Trust us, the last thing you want is a bunch of lint on your power suit when pitching a deck to another Chief. So man up and get a lint roller.


Stop cruising around solely on credit and start carrying some cash, seriously. Yeah, we know this might seem like a random – perhaps even obvious – tip. But in reality, it’s surprising how many people rely solely on plastic. We like to save trees too, but sometimes it’s necessary to have some paper on hand. You never know when you may need a bill.  

We recommend that you have some variety in your life. So at the very least, try to carry around (1) $10 bill, (1) $ 5 bill, and (5) $1 bills.  Worried that you might lose your precious bills? Simple fix: Get a damn ziplock bag and just tuck the cash into a safe place, like in or underneath your BAG.

The Flask

We get it, Jimmy. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

But seriously, if your traveling we know that there’s a good chance you will be having a cocktail. So be prepared, and don’t settle for some girly drink if you don’t have to. Keep a flask near by.

We like theStanley 8 oz Flask for it’s lifetime guarantee, stainless steel design, and rugged look. And, most importantly, we like Stanley because it gets the job done. Stanley has been making quality hardware products for years – it’s legit.

Other Recommendations:

Bottle Opener

Keep it classy and have on hand a portable and extremely durable/effective bottle opener.

Maybe you want to keep things a little less aggressive. Or maybe you just like to sip on a casual brew sometimes instead of a cocktail. Whatever the reason is, just don’t find yourself having to ask somebody for a bottle opener. Plus, it’s always good to have one on hand even if you are sipping a cocktail. You never know when a lady is going to need a hand.

Be a man, and check out the Gerber Shard.

Other Recommendations:

Hang Over Support

Listen up, we all know have the tendency when we travel to check out the minibar. And while there are a ton of “hangover remedies” out on the market, in reality we are very pleased with Emergen-C. (If you know of something better we are all ears.)  These products are sure to help remedy your hangover, so check them out before the next time you go out to crush it. Because if it helps you crush it again the following day, then Chief’s recommends it.

Other Recommendations:

Athletic Spray

We know. It’s painful topic that most men don’t want to discuss.  But at the same time, you need to be prepared.  Sure you can go down to your local CVS and pick up some Gold Bond.  But there’s a fresh product on the market that we have to tell you about.  It’s called Drygoods Athletic Spray. And if you decide not to include it in your dopp kit, then at least throw it in your gym bag dude. Seriously, you wont regret it... but you might if you don’t have some on hand.  

Other Recommendations:


If you aren’t already carrying around some type of breath freshener in your pocket, then please for the love of all things good keep some in your Dopp kit. Chiefs is trying to provide you tips to create the Ultimate Dopp Kit. Not the ultimate dopp kit carried by the below average dude with stank ass breath. So do everyone a favor and keep your mouth fresh. There are a ton of ways to do it.
You cannot go wrong with this classic from Chowards.

Other Recommendations:

Lip Balm

We’re here to help you create the Ultimate Dopp Kit. Not a man purse.

So put down the lipstick and take care of your lips with something that is both masculine and effective at the same time. There are a number of lip balms on the market, but we're feeling Sharps Daily Prep.

Other Recommendations:

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