The Ultimate Dopp Kit, Part II


A big shout-out to our friends over at Big Ups for pointing us in the direction of a great product called Klhip. Made in the USA from stainless steal, this set of clippers is meant to handle even the nastiest bro’s finger nails. (Yes, the CHIEF is talking to you, Shridar Chillal.)  One of the key features to this tool is it’s forward facing lever, which allows pressure to be applied directly over the nail.  Plus, what other pair of clippers do you know that has a lifetime warranty?

The CHIEF is definitely taking a SHEET.  He took a SHEET last night before making fun of Kevin Costner in Dances With Wolves; He took a SHEET before kicking the most interesting man in the worlds ass in poker; And he’s even taking a SHEET on Procter & Gamble right now.  Defined as the “new way to do energy”, SHEETS will PUMP YOU UP. So get up and head on down to your local GNC so you can pack some SHEETS in your dopp kitt.

Sometimes shaving can get messy – the CHIEF knows the feeling. Luckily, there’s a solution. ShaveStick. ShaveSticks one step process (did you say process?) makes shaving so simple that even Pocahontas can use it. Also, definitely note that Menskin offers 5 kick ass options for all of you bros. So whether you want to get fruity – or just keep it platinum – the guys over at ShopMasc can hook you up!

Kent Pocket Comb
Yes – we do think the switchblade comb is something every bad ass should equip himself with. No – that doesn’t mean we think you should put one in your dopp kit. However, if there was a comb that came close to the switchblade comb, it would be the Kent Pockett Comb.  Plus the comb is a Kent, so you know it’s going to last.

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