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5 Killer Grooming Articles For Men

October 06, 2011 3 min read

For those of us living in the northern hemisphere (especially in the hotter states) many of us welcome autumn with arms wide open.  However with weather changing as we speak, it’s important The Chief keeps you aligned with the latest Grooming Intel.  That’s why this week we profiled 5 Kick Ass Grooming Articles for you to read from sites like the NY Times, The Art of Manlniess, and The Grooming Lounge.   If you fellas loved our Ultimate Dopp Kit post, then you’ll rave about this one.

How To Smell Like A Barbershop

We know there’s something special – even magical – in the air at the local barber shop that doesn’t just smell distinctively good, but that also lingers on you after you leave and make way for the day. Unfortunately, most of us don’t barbershop hop. Most of us leave the hopping for the bars.  Well, fortunately for us,  the gentleman over at The Art Of Manliness have profiled exactly the products you need to get that distinct smell. It’s almost impossible to describe. Honestly, it’s like the barbershop smell is some sort of genie and the folks over at The Art Of Manliness captured it and made many a man’s wish come true, and  finally answering the age-old question – how to smell like a barbershop. 

Getting the ‘Mad Men’ Hair |Part 1 &Part 2

If there ever was a man cooler than the Chief, which could also easily be his counterpart “The most interesting guy in the world” from Dos Equis, it would be Don Draper. But seriously if anybody is looking to be Don Draper for Halloween, this would be the post to read.  Thankfuly for us, we have the NY Times.  We know, it seems like an odd place to strike up a Halloween costume idea, but they do a primo job in breaking down Don Draper’s hair.  The NY Times lists a litany of products, but in Part 2 it’s eventually revealed that Don Draper himself in fact uses Redken For Men Grip Tight Firm Hold Gel.

Top 10 Must Try Grooming Experiences 

This one’s a curve ball for you many a bro, but nonetheless it’s a cool one to read!  There are plenty of grooming products out there for men; some products are cool and effective, but most are not.  With that said, what about grooming experiences? The fellas over at Ask Men broke down a unique article entitled the Top 10 Must Try Grooming Experiences. This is truly one of Ask Men’s more informative articles highlighting some great experiences, like a trip to a Finnish Spa; and experiences to the extremely bizarre, like a Thai Fish Pedicure.  If you’re looking for an article that is both interesting and entertaining – check out the Top 10 Must Try Grooming Experiences by Ask Men.

7 Tips To Fight Men’s Body Odor

We get it, everyman wants to smell good - at least the Chief hopes so.  There are the obvious tips, such as: use deodorant or take more showers. But then there are some more obscure suggestions that the the men over at Menscience break down for us.  For example, have you ever ever thought about taking a multi vitamin, and thereby introducing Zinc or Magnesium into your daily consumption? What about switching around your diet (Yes! Consumption of beer makes you smell better)?  Either way, Mensciene – which also makes some seriously effective mens skincare products – does a kick-ass job fleshing out ways to decrease body odor. So be good to yourself and stop smelling bad. It’s just plain gross.

How To Chop A Chest ’Fro

The Grooming Lounge sheds an interesting light on a topic that we’re almost hesitant to discuss – How To Chop A Chest ’Fro. If Tom Selleck or David Hasselfhof knew how to bookmark a webpage, one could only hope that they’d use such an “advanced” skill to immediately bookmark the above mentioned article from the Grooming Lounge.  One of the more informative grooming sites online, The Grooming Lounge breaks down exactly what a bro needs to do if he faces the often unsightly problem of having a arguably hideous amounts of chest hair. Plus, the guys over at the lounge sell all the tools in-house. So while you’re there - check out their web store.

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